1.Measure and Watch Your Weight


Always measure your weight in a daily basis and balance your weight

with your height chart.if your weight is increased according to chart

then loose your weight according to chart and if your weight is less

than you should normal your weight and increased proteins and

fibre intake in your diet.

2.Limit Unhealthy Foods and Eat Healthy Meals

For a healthy life style you should eat breakfast ,lunch and dinner

in time and eat fruits and vegetables as much as u can and take that

foods which have full nutritions ,protein ,fibre and vitamins .

Avoid junk foods ,More sugar ,fat and calories meals.Always

choose food that are home made,clean and fresh.

3.Take Multivitamin Supplements

You can also add multivitamin supplements in your diet to balance

your vitamins levels and strong your immune system.Multiple type

of supplements names are vitamin A,D,E,C,B12,ZINC,IRON ,COPPER,

SELINUM and MAGENISUM.You can add these mineral supplements

according to your doctors advice because a high dose can harmful

for your body

  4.Drink and Water Stay Hydrated, and Limit Sugared Beverages 

You can drink a plenty of water because it cleans toxins from your

body ,hyderate your body and  freshen up your skin .Maximum 8 glases of water you can  drink for a whole day.

Limit sugary beverages in your diet because they have chemicals which

are harmful for your body.

5.Exercise Regularly and Be Physically Active

Exercise is very beneficial for your health.Always wake up early in the morning

and do walk ,exercise and yoga because it can remove stress from your mind

and freshen up your body.You can also engage youself in physical activities

like running ,walking ,jumping and swimming.All these are very good for

your health.Breath in and Breath out exercises are also very good for your


6.Reduce Screen Time

Reduce the screen time of your tabs, computers and cell phones

because it icreased your sitting time and make us slow and the

waves generate from screen can harmful four body and eyes and it

can weak your eye sight.

   7.Get Enough Good Sleep

Maximum 8 hours of sleep are necessary four health.Always try to sleep

early because early sleep have many good benefits if you don’t sleep

early than it can destroy your health.

8.Avoid harmful use of alcohol and smoke

Avoid use of alcohol because it can destroy your health and cause

major diseases such as mental disorders ,heart diseases and cancer.

Smoking is also harmful for your health and can demage your lungs

and many other various diseases.

9. Reduce Your Stress Levels      

Always try to reduce your stress level .They are different activities to

avoid your stress level such as drawing ,gardening ,writing ,music , meditation

and praying .Always try to think positive because it can improve your mental

as well as physical health.

10.Do What You Love

You should do what you love .Do things what you love however engage

your self in that things which can bring happiness and enjoyment in

your life. There are various thing which make you happy like

  • Learn a new song
  • Go on outing
  • Long driving
  • Join a group (exercise, gardening)
  • Read novels
  • Write poetry
  • Visits friends and family members

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