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Here the tips to spend life in winter season

1.Drink some thing hot

In winter season ,to protect from coldness try to consume hot things like cofee ,tea ,herbal teas ,hot chocolate and dry fruits. These hot things warm our body from cold

2.Snuggle up

Winter is the season which is full of cold and our body need warmness depending on location in the world .These temperature requires blankets and clothes. You can snuggle up under your favourite blanket.Read books and novels , watch tv ,play games and any other things which bring comfort to you.

3. Read

winter is a great season for read.pick your favourite books and novels which you want to read. Read for fun and enjoyment and learn something new ,good and informative Specify book for wnters is really a very good idea.You can snuggle up under your blanket with a cup of hot coffee and lost in the pages of books or novels.

4.Get outside

In winters, try to stay at home to protect from coldness but if u get bored then go outside for picnic for fun and enjoyment .Go for a walk ,picnic or any other place get some vitamin d from sun because vitamin d is very necessary in winters. When you go outside try to wear hot clothes,hat,gloves, socks. This the best way to enjoy season.But dont go outside in dengerously cold temperature .

5. Skin care in winter

The cold weather is very effected on our skin .The skin becomes dry,patchy ,chapped lips and cracked heels .SO, try to moistrize your skin apply sunblock and drink more water are necessary for our skin.Try to take care of your skin by following these methods.

6.Get proper sleep

Our good sleep depends on our mental state . sleep is very benefical for our body 8 hours sleep must be necessary for human being . if your mind is stressed your sleep may not  be good . if your mind is relaxed then your sleep is good.Get proper sleep time in winters and try to take nap in day time also.

7.Keep your self hydrated

In winters , water intake becomes less so , try to be hydrated . 8 glass of water is necessary you can add citrus fruits in your diet .Consuming water can remove toxins from yout body Drinking the right amount of water is good for staying healthy in winters.

8. Practice proper hygiene

Try to maintain good hygiene and clean your body and clothes and wash your hands to protect from germs . Cleaning out your hands is the most important way to protect your self from germs and you cannot be sick and you also protect yourself from viral infections.


Physical activity is very important to keep fit during winters . daily routine of exercise ,yoga or any other physical  activity can warm up your body and boosts your immune system by defence against seasonal infections like flu and cold.

10.Eat healthy foods

proteins , vitamins and fibers are very necessary in winters all are essential nuterients for keep our   body healthy . protein rich foods  can increase energy levels in our  body and and help to build tissues , bones and boosts metabolism system . consume plenty of meat , dairy products and nuts can provide  you proteins and warm your body Add omega -3 rich foods in winter which are in fish and plants. these are good for our eye and skin it reduces joint pain in wnters and provide softness to your skin. Add fibre intake in winters which are fount in fruits , grains, vegetables and nuts and are very helpful  for our digestive system  .fibres protect you from cholestrol levels that prevent obesity. These fibres  boosts our immunity Crabs are necessary in winters but up to certain limits .eating crabs and sweets may cause obesity problems.loads fruits and vegetables like spinach , carrots and oranges add vitamin c , zinc and iron in your diet . To avoid coldness try to add honey and tulsi in morning ang get vaccination to protect  from cold and flu.








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